3 Excellent Reasons to Claim Your Power


3 Excellent Reasons to Claim Your Power

Imagine how great life will be when you live authentically and feel worthy.

1.      Be Comfortable Speaking Your Truth – when you’re comfortable being YOU and know your innate worthiness, it’s easy to speak up and take care of yourself.  Your first priority is to be authentic and take responsibility for YOU.  No one else is going to do this for you.  You train others how to act based upon how you treat yourself.  If it’s OK for you to put yourself down this is how others will treat you.  When you treat yourself as loving and worthy you’re letting the world know this is what’s acceptable.

Asking for what you want is part of honoring yourself and your wishes.  If those you’re with can’t or won’t support your request it’s time to wish them the best and move on.  Do this with an open heart and just know they can’t/aren’t willing to support you.

Being open and honest with no hidden agendas is the ultimate display of love, respect, and personal power.  If everyone behaved this way the world would certainly look differently and run much smoother.  The hidden agendas and “I’m alright but you’re broken” attitude gets in the way and mucks things up.  When everyone speaks their truth and comes from a place of love, honesty, and respect this allows for a wonderful and joyous experience. When behaving this way you maintain focus upon your worthy goals and know you will achieve them.

2.      Honor Your Boundaries – be clear on what is and isn’t your responsibility.  Don’t scatter your energy all over the place.  Instead, focus on what is important to you and that which you can affect change over.  Be willing to say NO to a task or request that interrupts your higher priority intentions.

Be impeccable in all you say and do.  This simple formula builds trust and positive relationships.  While the formula is simple, the execution is more difficult because it requires you to consciously think before committing to a response.

Don’t settle!  If you settle for any reason you aren’t being authentic.  People quickly ascertain that what you say and what you do/accept don’t match up and they will quickly quit listening to what you say.

Remember – you get what you tolerate.  Everything you say and do is being watched and observed by others.  You’re constantly broadcasting what’s acceptable to you.  Set the bar high and remain in integrity.  Watch how the world recognizes this and treats you differently.

3.       You Are More Reliable – when you know your worthiness and have committed to accomplishing your mission there’s great power in saying “I need . . .” or “I want . . .”  This shows your steadfast intention in accomplishing your goal.  The qualities of trust and reliability are built over time and require conscious effort to meet your commitments.  You are now more comfortable standing in your power because you know it comes from within and can’t be taken from you.

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