5 Awesome Truths You Need to Be Able to Say About Yourself

The story you tell yourself has everything to do with how your life works and the amount of success you realize.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – we are all powerful creators!  We create based upon the story we tell ourselves all day, every day.  This story, our mental chatter, our thoughts, are what determines our success.  I know this for a fact as I smashed the odds by fully recovering from a life-threatening brain injury.  Yes, it took me a while, but I never quit and am now “normal”  Whatever the heck that is.

I credit my “miraculous recovery” with these simple techniques and attributes.  They are all within our reach – no magic or secret handshake required.  It starts with simply saying these short phrases anytime you see your reflection in a mirror, glass window, or puddle of water.  More importantly, notice the feeling of greatness when you hear these words.  No matter what your goals or aspirations are – get to the point where these thoughts are automatic whenever you see your reflection.

  1. I Am Impeccable – Being impeccable includes being trustworthy, authentic, and conscious in every moment. Develop the discipline and habit of walking your talk, being honest and authentic.  Do what you say you’ll do when you say you will.  This takes much less energy than lying, builds the discipline of thinking and speaking consciously, and dramatically boosts your self-esteem and influence.
  2. I Trust my Gut – For optimal performance you need to blend the feedback from your gut as well as your mind.  Your gut/intuition will give you “the warm fuzzy” feeling about your decision, while your mind will fill in the blanks about the specific actions that are required.  To ignore one over the other will lead to failure, needless disappointment, and wasted actions.  The more you practice trusting your gut the better you’ll get at listening and understanding it’s very subtle, yet accurate, messages.
  3. I Am Authentic – you remain centered in your beliefs, stand by your convictions, and speak your truth. You don’t follow the trendy new fad but rather find comfort in knowing what works for you.  You don’t care if others don’t like you and hold no resentment in your heart.  This is why there’s vanilla and chocolate.  You enjoy every moment in your life and there’s no one else you’d rather be.
  4. I Love My Life – This helps you enjoy the process instead of blindingly moving forward to achieve your goal. When you love your life, you’re living your passion, enjoying the process, and your head and heart are aligned.  There is incredible power when you’re in this place.  It’s also a lot of fun and you’re far healthier.  As you move forward on your mission, take time to give others an encouraging word and a reason to smile.
  5. I Am a Rock Star – The message here is that you value yourself, have the courage to be yourself, recognize and appreciate your gifts, and move forward in the world sharing them with others. You are as authentic as the day is long.  Your heart is open and you are living large.  You are comfortable in your own skin, always do your best, and require minimal daily direction.  You move forward and use each day as a means to present your gifts to the world at large to make it a better place.

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