5 Simple Keys to Being Irreplaceable

Anytime you work for someone else or in Corporate America, there’s always the chance of being let go.  Call it what you want – downsizing, rightsizing, layoff, etc.  The list goes on.  I’ve gone through my share of these events and assure you that not once did I fear losing my job.  I had no fear because I knew I was a bargain.  I delivered value far in excess of what I was being paid.

Now that I’m consulting and helping others improve their confidence and effectiveness, I want to share with you these 5 simple and timeless steps that work no matter the industry or organization.

  1. Be Positive – Nothing is more detrimental to your longevity in any position than being a complainer. Everyone is busy and the bottom line is that other’s don’t care about your issues – they’ve got their own.  When push comes to shove and your continued employment is in question management’s perception and “feel” about you is often the deciding factor.  Don’t be one of those who does decent work but their constant negativity outweighs their contributions.  This puts you on the short list to the door.
  2. Make Your Boss’s Life Easier – We all have our good days and bad days. When you’re a boss/manager you have to deal with not only your own issues and moods, but all those reporting to you.  By being the person who doesn’t bring their baggage to work you get noticed in a positive way.  No need to be a kiss-a** ( no one likes those), just do your job with a smile, get stuff done, and leave your baggage at home.  Whether it’s an overt acknowledgement by your boss, or a sub-conscious thought, you become an asset in their mind.
  3. Get Stuff Done – it’s a simple equation. This is what you’ve been hired to do. Everyone is hired to produce output in some form.  No matter your level within the organization, or your pay, or how handsome or cute you are – it still comes down to producing results.  The more you get done the more essential you become.  Your also don’t have to work 12 hour days – it’s a matter of being focused and effective.  Do what needs to be done as efficiently as possible.
  4. Become Legendary – Volunteer for other jobs, lead projects, and spread your influence and abilities throughout the organization. Under promise and over deliver and always do this with a smile and positive attitude.  Understand the expectations and deliver more than expected, sooner than expected.  Your actions will be noticed and remembered.
  5. Solve Problems – Issues arise that need attention – this is a fact of business. Some are easily solved while others may require someone’s full attention.  Be that person.  Be the one who is known for solving problems, doing so without needing constant oversight and with a positive attitude.  As you gain knowledge within the organization be on the lookout for issues that are small now, but without attention could grow into major headaches.  Bring these to the attention of the Powers That Be and offer a solution at the same time.  Whether they take your advice or not is really irrelevant – they’ll remember you for your insight, recommendation, and being a team-player.

None of these are difficult.  They do require a change in attitude and commitment to  providing solutions.  Once mastered, they become second-nature and your career will soar.  You’ll never again worry about being shown the door.

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