5 Simple Solutions to Stop Regretting

Find yourself regretting past decisions? Regret stems from a should – your actions were contraryNo Regrets - Denver Motivational Speaker to your beliefs. All that’s left now is to lament and regret your decision.  This oftentimes is the result of unconscious thinking which diminishes your power and causes regrets.

Here are 5 simple ways to claim your power and never regret anything again.

1. Don’t Be A Victim
Assume responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Realize your power!. Life happens and you have ultimate control over your response to it. When you experience the good stuff in life take credit for it and mentally affirm “I created that”. When some bad things come along take credit for them and tell yourself you can do better. Then do better. Begin using your power to create an exciting and powerful life.

2. Always Give Your Best
Care enough about yourself to be present and give 100% best efforts. Make this part of your everyday life. You never know who is watching or how close success is. One of the best ways to get noticed and remembered is to walk your talk and always do your best. Remember – this is your decision to live consciously and not have regrets.

3. You Are Job 1
No one’s going to take care of yourself other than you. Who else knows your desires? Passions?  Everyone is doing their best to take care of themselves. Now’s the time for you to step forward and realize it’s your turn – to be happy, wealthy and successful. Others input is always coming from their point-of-view and their lens. Have the courage to begin trusting in yourself and knowing you matter.The Speaking Warrior - Do It Now - Coaching - Business Consulting

4. No More Whining
Whining about what could have been or a missed opportunity gives your power away. Excuses prevent you from being awesome and powerful. They prevent you from living the life of your dreams. Make an agreement with yourself to stop whining and take responsibility.

5. Follow Your Heart
Most people in the Western World have been taught to listen to our heads more than our hearts. Science is now able to prove that your heart provides much more information and is more attuned to the big picture than your mind. Listen to your heart and honor its messages. Start to realize your passions, dreams, and worthiness. No one else is standing in your shoes or inside your head. Have the courage to share your talents with the world.

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