5 Ways to Increase Your Creativity and Have More Fun

Stuck in a rut?
Doing the same-ol’ same-ol’?

I suggest these easy changes to kick start your creativity and increase your fun factor.

If you suddenly wake up and become aware that you aren’t living the life you intended, don’t fret. All is not lost. You’ve slowly given your power away to your job, relationships, system, and society in general. Now’s the time to start reclaiming your lost power and begin improving your life. You’re in charge after all.

To increase your creativity, focus on possibilities and what you want to create. Don’t get stuck in the details or spend your time defending “what is”. When you create and innovate you’re forming something new. Start creating new boundaries for yourself and maintain them. You’ll get some push-back, but that’s just because you’re changing your routines.

With a little practice and discipline, you’ll become extremely creative. Have some fun and use what works for you. These are just guidelines – take what works and ditch the rest.

Remember – you’re the captain of your ship.

1. Not doing – this is the process of doing something different than what you normally do. This breaks your routines and forces you to make new cerebral connections. Take a different route to work. Learn to use your computer mouse with your non-dominant hand. Walk when you would normally drive. Look at different magazines. Read signs backward. It doesn’t really matter what you do differently, just do something. And do it often.
Think different concept with positive icons design, vector illustration 10 eps graphic.2. Enhance Your Lateral Thinking – start connecting the dots. Find connections to seemingly unconnected things. When driving to work read a bill board that catches your eye and ask yourself how the product being advertised could be used in your line of work to improve sales? Or use nature as a stimuli – how could the characteristics of grass be used to improve your product? Play this game with others at lunch and build upon each others’ ideas. Set a goal to come up with 10 new ideas. Then up this to 20. After a little practice push it to 50. Just collect the ideas without judgment – you can sort them later. Watch how the quality of your ideas continues to improve. As with anything new, be patient and supportive. Don’t beat yourself up and say “I can’t do this”.
3. Say you will – the next step once you have the ideas is to secure the time and resources to implement them. Now that you’re a Lateral Thinking Master, keep on coming up with ways to move your idea forward. Who can you collaborate with? Does crowdfunding make sense? Are industry alliances viable? This important step is all about keeping your options open and knowing there’s a solution out there. Start putting the word out to your colleagues, friends, acquaintances that you’ve got a great idea and you’re looking for an introduction in industry XX to discuss synergies. Don’t be shy.
4. Collaboration – the formula for success! Whether it’s your employees, colleagues, or friends – find those who are like minded and willing to assist you in creating your vision. Most people want to help, they just need a little direction and support. Your job as the leader is to focus the energy of the others to accomplish greatness.
5. Keep on Keeping On – develop the mental attitude that you will accomplish your goal. No doubts. You may not know the exact path, but you know you will arrive. Walk with confidence and a swagger. Speak as though it’s already completed. Assume the best.

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