7 Ingredients to Be Memorable

We all know memorable people.  There’s something about them that makes you take notice and want to spend more time with them.  While they don’t wear a sign or a special shirt, you know these people when you encounter them.  You feel different when you’re around them – safe.  They don’t do anything specific to draw attention to themselves, it’s the fact they’re 100% authentic that makes them stand out and be noticed.

They speak their truth, act impeccably, and know that happiness is an inside job.  They manage their energy throughout the day and don’t waste it on negative thoughts or remarks.  They spend their time doing what is pleasing to them and minimize energy draining activities.

Here are 7  ingredient they all possess:

  1. They are Authentic 24/7 – They don’t really care what other people think about them or what they do. They’re authentic all day long because they know their personal power comes from being themselves.  Those that know them feel comfortable and safe while around them because they don’t pretend to be what they aren’t.
  2. They are Impeccable – They walk their talk in all they do. They know that we all watch behaviors and listen to what others say.  We measure others’ talk against their actions and if they don’t match we label that person a phony.  Memorable people use this often neglected trait to their advantage to stand out.  They know it takes far less energy to be impeccable than to tell different people different stories and try to remember who you told what.
  3. They Value Relationships Above All Else – People are an endless source of mystery and intrigue(and some amusement) to memorable folks. They treat everyone with respect and are interested in how everyone has created their lives.  They don’t judge, but rather see patterns and if asked may offer insights on ways to improve.  They will never say “do this ….:” as they have total respect for everyone’s journey.  They’re far more interested in learning about others and how they live their lives.  By keeping an open mind they allow for the opportunity to learn something new and beneficial. 
  4. They Smile – They love life and all it offers. They enjoy the process and their heart is singing.  What’s not to smile about?  They are happy with themselves, what they do for a living, and all aspects of their lives.  They’re happy to share their inner feeling of joy with everyone they meet.  The only way to remove their smile is by surgery.
  5. Honoring Others – Memorable people allow others to be themselves. They don’t have hidden agendas or think they know what is best for them.  These people are great at sharing the details of our individual journeys without judgment .  They may offer advice when asked, but the will never tell you what to do.  Their total life is about honoring and respecting others.
  6. Effortless to be With – These people are great to be with because they don’t spend their time trying to impress you with their stories and accomplishments. They’re more interested in learning about you and those special things you do that make you a standout.
  7. They Love Life – They’re positive and only do what they love. They understand that Life is a grand adventure and they approach it with an attitude of inclusion rather than exclusion.  They want you to join in on the fun!  They know that nothing is permanent and that tomorrow will be a new day filled with new opportunities.  They always expect things to go their way.

Closing the Loop

Memorable people don’t have magic powers.  They have trained themselves to pay attention to others, be impeccable, and they spend their time positively living their passion.  These skills are available to all, but few take the time to make them a habit.

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