7 Magical Ways to Live a Fantabulous Life

Life is pretty darn sweet, eh? We get continual choices coupled with daily opportunities to smile, laugh, love, and become better versions of us. I call that a win. I notice that some folks aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunities they’re presented with. Here’s a few suggestions to really amp-up your life so you can smile more, love more, and generate a greater sense of well-being.

1. Do What You Love – we’ve all heard the old adage that life is short. I was like many and understood this intellectually, but didn’t have any real-life experiences that made it concrete for me. Until my near-death experience and brain injury. As I journeyed back to full recovery I quit taking Life for granted and now appreciate everything it offers. This applies even to those occasional downer days and negative experiences. I’m even appreciative for these because they help me remember that at least I can tell the difference now. Make Life your dance and have some fun. If your heart isn’t aligned with your head in what you’re doing to make money then make the necessary changes so the two are aligned. You’ll live longer, have less stress, and be far healthier.

2. You are Job 1 – have enough respect and self-love to make taking care of you a top priority. Know your boundaries, honor your wishes, and be OK saying NO when you really don’t want to do something. Your job is to take care of yourself – and everyone else’s job is to take care of themselves. It quickly gets real messy when we start the impossible task of trying to make others happy in hopes of their approval. Another’s happiness is their responsibility and an inside job. It doesn’t have anything to do with your actions or intents. If you aren’t helping someone without any strings attached your feelings can quickly degrade into resentment when you don’t get the desired acknowledgement. Don’t go there.

3. Be Curious – One of the best ways to continually grow and expand your knowledge is to be curious. Ask questions and take the time to Google the topic and get the various answers. This helps you expand your knowledge base and create new neural connections that gives you the ability to create something totally new. Make this a daily habit and you’ll look and feel far younger and your health will also improve.

4. Laugh Often – Nothing rejuvenates the soul like a hearty laugh. Make it a point to laugh throughout the day – and I’m not talking a smile or a little chuckle. I’m talking about a full LOL that causes your body to shake. Cat videos, a great joke, or videos of people doing goofy things are instantly available to help you LOL. I make it a point to see humor in every situation. I like having fun and I like helping others laugh and not get caught up in believing everything is all serious. Recent studies document the health benefits of laughing – you can Google this right after checking out “cat videos”.

5. Be Picky – about who you hang around with. Choose those who are positive, supportive, and also like to have a good time like you. People who build you up and are always on the lookout to help you are far more beneficial than those who see faults in others and tear you down. There’s nothing wrong with outgrowing some old friends and moving into new experiences.

6. Do New Things – to give you new perspectives and memories. Take a new route to work, go on a group vacation with strangers, learn to dance, take up a new sport. Whatever it is do something different. If you’ve got a yearning in your heart to do something then quit ignoring it and get out there and take action. As I was recovering from my injury, I couldn’t remember what I drove or the addresses of where I had lived, but I could remember those great moment in life that came from being with friends and having new experiences. Life is good.

7. Be Authentic – No matter what it is you decide to do, be you 100% of the time. No need to pretend to be something you aren’t. Not only will you be found out, you’ll have to effort to be something different depending on the crowd you’re with. It’s far easier to be the authentic you and be with those who support and respect you just the way you are.

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