7 Powerful Steps to Positivity

PositivityYou know these people when you meet them – nothing brings them down.  They actively create their own good juju and move through life easily and effortlessly.  You definitely want to hang out with them because positivity is their superpower and they wield it with flair wherever they go.

Positivity isn’t genetic – anyone can develop this attitude with the associated benefits.  It all begins by taking small baby-steps and building solid foundation of joy and happiness.  Since we all create our own reality, why not create a happy and prosperous one?  The story we tell ourselves becomes our experience.

Start utilizing positivity and watch your life transform.

Positive people:

  1. Practice Forgiveness – of pretty much anything they encounter. They are big on forgiving themselves for the goofy things they occasionally do.  Rather than stew over a faux pas and play it over in your mind, learn the lesson and move on.  Make a commitment to do better the next time.
  2. Are Forward Looking – they build positive anticipation into their day. Half the fun of anything is the anticipation of it.  Positive folks know this and use it to their advantage.  They create something each day that is unique, special, and positive.
  3. Celebrate Everything – by finding joy and gratitude in everyday events they develop the “happiness addiction”. No matter how small your Celebrate Positivityaccomplishment take a moment to celebrate the win.  This releases dopamine which gives you a shot of “good juju”.  Develop the discipline to always have a new goal and give yourself a pat on the back once it’s achieved.
  4. Are Benevolent – they understand that many are “fighting” their internal battles and life for them is a struggle. By offering a smile or taking a moment to listen and offering heartfelt encouragement it can transform their day.  They take the time to do this.
  5. Engage in Fulfilling Activities – They like to maintain momentum of their projects and goals. They know that by stopping and making excuses it’s very easy to keep procrastinating and never start again.  Those with positivity trust their gut and rest as needed but never lose sight of their vision/goal.  Part of being alive is to actively participate in the creation of your dreams.
  6. Assume 100% Responsibility – no matter what happens they take full responsibility. By doing this they maintain their personal power.  Blaming is giving your power away to someone or something and assuming the role of a victim.  The flip side of this is comparing yourself to others.  Positive people know we all have our own journeys and associated baggage.  They know comparisons are a waste of time.  Positive people realize they can change what isn’t to their liking.
  7. Have an Attitude of Acceptance – if something doesn’t go as planned they take a moment to study the event and learn the lesson. Everything that comes their way helps them – either directly or by helping them become wiser and more flexible.  They are their own Masters.

Own It

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