7 Simple Phrases Successful People Remind Themselves Throughout the Day

Success is a simple equation – it requires a commitment to your vision and perseverance.

Success isn’t just about having a high paying job or being in a position of power. I define success as creating what you want in your life and doing it easily and effortlessly.

Successful people know success is all about creating their own personal vision and using an equally supportive internal dialogue that supports this goal. They are steadfast in their commitment but resilient in their methodology. They know that while they may not know the exact steps in advance, they have confidence in themselves that they will ultimately conquer any situation they encounter and continue their forward momentum.

As Henry Ford is famously quoted – “whether you say you can or can’t, either way you’re right”. Successful people are resilient and only focus on their vision and plan for success. These folks are their own best friend and view situations as learning experiences to improve upon. They don’t take things personally and don’t waste their time on negativity. They are mission focused with love in their heart.

Here’s a sampling of the internal dialogue that successful people have going on in their head all day, every day. Start building these habits and watch how quickly you can transform your life. And you get all the credit.

1. “I’ve got this” – Successful people only plan for success. While they may encounter unforeseen speed bumps along the way they don’t get stressed out. They’re enjoying the journey and what Life has to offer. They are resilient and know in their heart of hearts that they have the necessary resources to find a solution or way around the issue. And they always do. They let the Universe work its magic because they maintain their focus on the solution and not the problem.

2. “Reality is plastic” – Everything they use started as an idea from someone else. And that person was most likely not any smarter than they are. They understand and know in their very core that this is the way of the world. Something is invented that solves a problem to only be surpassed by a new and more elegant device or solution. They see the world as an endless source of ideas that can be improved upon. Perseverance brings about change- not necessarily brains.

3. “Failure is essential to success” – The big doers and thinkers aren’t afraid to make mistakes. In fact, they consider them essential. If you’re not failing you aren’t trying enough new things. Within every failure is the essence of the next idea or solution. Focus on this and take the next step.

4. “Education never takes a holiday” – successful people keep an open mind and assume they can learn something new from almost every encounter. They love learning and expanding their mental toolbox because it helps them become great lateral thinkers. They’re always on the hunt to improve themselves.

5. “Keep your eye on the ball” – They know their vision and what they want to accomplish. They don’t waste their time tracking their supposed competition. They may check in periodically to see if there’s anything new out there that they can improve upon but that’s about it. Again – their focus is on what can they use to make their vision/product better.

6. “Set the tone” – Successful folks know that habits are built over time. At the start of a project or new venture they take extra care to insure everyone starts off in-step and performing at their best. Any snags are noticed and rectified immediately to allow for smooth and effective long-term success.

7. “I know my why” – Successful people are living life on their terms. They remember the reason they set out and they repeat this daily. It becomes their mantra. They fully understand that it’s all about how you live during the journey that defines you.

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