7 Steps to Rock-Solid Mental Toughness


  1. Love Your Magnificence – The sooner you can love and accept yourself as you are, the quicker you’ll grow and mature and start having a lot of fun.  You can’t give what you don’t have – this is just common sense.  It stands to reason the more love you have for yourself the more you have to give others.  By loving yourself you become more positive and begin seeing life through a different lens.  The famous quote “what you see depends on how you look” sums it all up.  This is the power we have –  complete control over how we perceive life.
  1. Stop Putting Yourself Down – Don’t belittle yourself because you aren’t perfect and don’t know everything. Develop an open mind with a  positive attitude and cultivate a sense of wonderment.  Learn from your mistakes and accept them as part of life.  Failure is a momentary snapshot in time.  The only way to truly fail is to quit.  Develop the attitude “that didn’t work, what to try now?” and move forward.  Commit to your desired outcome and keep moving forward until you achieve it.
  1. Assume 100% Responsibility – No matter what happens, take credit for it. When you whine and blame., you give your power away and diminish yourself.  Begin to make your own rules that work for you.  Become the director of your life and be authentic in all you do.  We’re all wired differently – what works for someone else may not work for you.  Consider someone’s  advice, determine if it fits with you and act accordingly.  Throw out what doesn’t work or feel “right”.Procrastination concept
  1. Keeping Everyone Happy Isn’t Your Job – Talk about Mission Impossible! No matter what you do and how hard you try someone will always find fault and be disappointed.  Happiness is an inside job and once you figure this out it makes life so much easier.  People are happy or sad, positive or negative all based on the story they’re telling themselves throughout the day.  Attempting this is a waste of your energy and deprives you of resources that could be used to make you happy!
  1. Stay in the Now – This is all you have. You could die in any moment so quit fretting about things that happened or upcoming events.  Your power exists in this moment – this is all you can control and do anything about.  What’s happened has happened – learn your lesson and move on.  You did your best.  Now that you know better you can do better.  Same with the future – don’t get all worked up over what has yet to transpire.  Do what you can now, prepare the best you can, and then walk confidently forward – adjusting as needed.  You harm your health and diminish your energy by worrying.
  1. Make No Assumptions – Go into every event with an open heart and mind and no expectations.    Ask questions.  Endeavor to understand the situation before making a decision you may regret.  Look for win/win solutions and honor your agreement.  By finding the root cause of an issue and establishing a lasting relationship you will solve the problem and make a new friend.  Life is good!
  1. Be Conscious and Courageous – Consciously decide how to create your day. Don’t get stuck in some old program and disempowering story.  Stop telling everyone how bad your life is and shift your focus to what you want to consciously create.  Take baby steps in developing your courage.  Begin to step forth and be you.  Let your light shine and begin sharing your gifts and wisdom with the world.  Don’t believe everything others have been telling you.

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