Amplify Your Attributes

Play to Your Strengths Competitive Advantage 3d Words BackgroundYou give your power away when trying to be everything to everyone.  Not only does this require a lot of energy, it’s also futile.  You’re always the loser in this game.  Instead, take a moment and do a self-inventory of your strengths.  Focus on these attributes and find ways to exploit them.  Choose your top 3 attributes and brainstorm on how to use these more frequently in your professional and personal life.

We all have those things we struggle with – we can do them, but it requires a lot of effort and the results are marginal.  So what?  Focus instead on maximizing your attributes to easily soar over those around you.  By recognizing your deficiencies,  seek out those who have the necessary attributes to complement your shortcomings and invite them to join your team.

Remember – what you focus on expands.  Develop and maintain your vision and continually move toward your goal.  Find a way.Vertical sliders, adjusters

Do your self-work and develop a solid awareness of the skills and abilities you possess that are true strengths.  Some of these positive attributes are easy and obvious.  Others may lie dormant or require some digging on your part to fully recognize them.  When honed these valuable attributes give you an incredible edge.  HINT – look at what you do that is easy and effortless and perform at a very high level of competency.

Trying to fix a “flaw” as defined by another person always puts you at their mercy.  The flaw they see in you is most likely something they need at the moment, or a flaw they perceive in themselves.   To work on strengthening this “flaw” is like chasing a rainbow.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  The successful people focus on their strengths and find those with equal strengths in complementary areas to achieve success.  You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Golden Egg,Business ConceptThe beauty of life is that each of us has a unique blend of talents and experience that make us who we are.  Take this unique blend, recognize it,  and use it to your advantage.

Your true strengths are those capabilities you find effortless, enjoy doing, and produce extraordinary results.  Your life will begin to flourish when you align your strengths with your job/career.  Just watch how quickly things fall into place.

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