Anything is Possible

As we used to say in my Research and Development days – “the impossible just takes a little longer”.

The Ancients, Einstein, and now modern science is proving that we see what our brains are looking for.   We see what we already know.

Sounds pretty intriguing, eh?

Once you realize and accept this truth it’s a game changer.  This means you can stop complaining, envying, and conspiring to get what you want.  All you have to do is begin to visualize and feel what you want more often.  Daydream more.  Imagine more.  Play more.  Believe more.  You’ll begin to see opportunities and ideas everywhere.

Our brains work by showing us what we already believe.  This means that your present situation is your own doing.  Consciously or not – it’s your choice.  To change your situation, you simply need to change your thoughts and stories you tell yourself until you truly believe your new thoughts.  The quicker you change and accept your new thoughts the quicker the transformation into your new situation.

This is great news!  This means that since you created where you are you can now create where you want to be.  Check out the book Activate Your Brain by Scott Halford.  Or recent neurological studies by reputable medical and scientific organizations and trade journals.  Science is now verifying what the sage’s have been telling us all along.

As some of you may know, I survived a very severe Traumatic Brain Injury after being struck head-on by a SUV while bicycling one afternoon.  When this occurred my odds of remaining in a vegetative state were nearly 100%.  Thanks to my wife and our training prior to this event I fully recovered.  We did this by utilizing these same principles thanks to some of our earlier teachers.

When my wife was told the bad news by the attending physician who based his prognosis on his previous experience and old data, she ignored him.  She came into my room and said “Don’t listen to them.  They don’t know you, they don’t know your power, and they don’t know how much fun we’re having”.  She fully understood the power of our minds and the story we tell ourselves.

She then spent the rest of the night repeating very powerful and positive sayings/affirmations.  She was my internal story when I was in my coma and I continued these affirmations as I came back online.  We both fully believed in my complete recovery and never had a doubt.

The moral of the story is that we are all incredibly powerful.  The only thing keeping us in our current situation is ourselves.  Our thoughts.  Our worthiness.  The story we tell ourselves all day, every day.

I suggest you begin to claim your power and stop leaking energy.  Focus on what you want and keep this foremost in your mind.  Repeat throughout the day.  Keep moving forward and take the next step.


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