Boost Your Confidence

When I use the word CONFIDENCE I mean:
• A “can do” attitude
• Willing and able to take the next step
• Belief in self
• Accepting responsibility for your actions
Confidence is a sliding scale. We have various levels of confidence depending on the day, task at hand, and how we’re feeling. Some are very confident in their ability to speak publicly, while others tremble.

No matter your confidence level, it is possible to constantly improve it. Here are proven ways to increase your confidence:

1. Adopt the mindset that failure is part of the overall process. It just means that what you tried didn’t give you the intended result. You’re a capable and intelligent being – you will learn from this and do better the next time.

A technique I find helpful is to reframe your thoughts and start thinking of life as an adventure. Know anyone who’s failed at an adventure? Me neither. When viewing life as an adventure you automatically move into a more fun-loving mode and everything you do is just more exploration. No one can possibly know everything about even the simplest of subjects. Loosen up – have some fun. Explore.

Say Yes2. Say YES more often to the things that make your heart sing. Rather than get stuck and rigid in the things you should do because you’re a good boy/girl, take a moment to check inside and see if the offered proposal is making your heart sing? Do you light up at the thought of doing it? If the answer is YES, then definitely take the next step.
Saying YES more often broadens horizons, boosts confidence and helps you realize your limitation were all self-imposed. This builds trust in yourself, strengthens your awareness, and unifies your being. Keep taking the next step – you’ll be fine!

3. Embrace your shortcomings. We’re all unique beings with our own strengths, preferences, and knowledge. To be authentic and successful accept all parts of yourself. Chances are you picked up your “imperfections” from childhood and haven’t taken the time to put them down and leave them behind you. You are probably the only one who notices them. They’ve become a part of your story. Now’s the time to change your story for the better.

Rather than spend your time trying to excel at everything you do, take an inventory of the things you truly love doing and excel at. Focus on these and find others who excel at the skills you need help with. This is the beauty of a virtual organization – everyone is doing what they love at a very high level of proficiency.

4. Mind your internal dialogue – develop the discipline to monitor your thoughts and see if they’re helping or hurting you. Our mind canChatter be our ally or enemy. We decide. The problem is most people operate on auto-pilot.

Check in periodically and see if the story that’s running in your head is a good one. Start to develop the mental discipline to check in periodically and change a story that no longer serves you. Remember – we’re all creators. If you don’t like what’s happening, you’re the only one who can change it.

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