Business Aikido: from Average to Awesome

An overview session on how focusing your thoughts and thinking differently will improve your business and bottom line. By establishing your vision and moving toward it daily you can accomplish anything. Glenn shares the tips and techniques from Success Aikido he learned from his early years as a research manager at Coors, his own entrepreneurial ventures in product development, and in recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury suffered in a bicycling accident. As the owner, your job is to develop your vision, share it with your team, and focus their energy to boost profits.

You’ll Learn about Business Aikido

  • The importance of knowing the WHY to your story
  • How to establish your vision
  • Ways to lead your team to making your vision theirs
  • Ways to lead your team to making your vision theirs
  • You are far more powerful than you realize

Business Aikido Glenn Bott - The Speaking Warrior - BOOST Jan 2016About Glenn Bott: Glenn Bott is a keynote speaker chronicling his “miraculous” recovery from a severe injury to re-establish his personal power and become a positive, can-do member of society. He now speaks and consults with businesses on lateral thinking, problem solving, reinventing yourself, new product development, and success. He founded the Warrior’s Way LLC and coaches people and organizations in realizing the power of commitments and lateral thinking. Glenn knows we all create our lives based upon the story we tell ourselves.

Glenn has spent most of his life solving problems, refining his lateral thinking skills, leading teams to success, and helping people realize their power and value. From introducing new technologies and products for Coors Brewing Co., to innovating and simplifying packaging production equipment and processes, his entire life has been about establishing a vision and moving toward it until success is achieved. Glenn’s life can be summed up with two words:

• Resiliency
• Authenticity

After completely recovering from a serious and life threatening injury, Glenn knows the value of a personal vision, the benefits of establishing and nurturing relationships, and how living authentically enriches your life. Glenn realizes the power of being impeccable – always walking your talk. By spreading this message, Glenn has helped many individuals and businesses focus on their important issues and eliminate energy draining distractions and activities.

Glenn’s life is about standing tall in your truth, realizing your value and genius, and moving toward your personal vision to break through your previous self-imposed limitations. He knows that everyone has this ability – all it takes is practice, commitment, and nurturing the realization that you’re far more powerful than you realize.

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