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What You Focus On Expands

Glenn Bott


You Get What You Tolerate

“Our agenda for the day was to motivate our team. . . .Your time in our meeting was the exclamation point on these discussions.  We greatly appreciate you.”

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Glenn’s introduction to the event that changed his life in an instant.

Glenn explains how meeting your commitments increases your personal power and influence.

A commitment requires:

  1. An agreed upon deliverable
  2. A due date

Once you make a commitment it is your responsibility to deliver it on or before the due date.  No excuses.

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About Glenn

Glenn Bott shares stories and techniques he used to return from death’s door and reinvent himself.   He developed Business Aikido based upon his corporate and entrepreneurial experience plus studies in aikido and personal power. From an early age he was taught to find a way to get the job done.  No excuses.

Glenn was a research manager for major US Brewery for 18 years before leaving to start his own new product development business.  An avid bicyclist, he suffered a severe head trauma and nearly died after being struck by a SUV.  He now speaks and consults on the benefits of empowerment and your personal story.  Glenn knows that powerful people acting with integrity are the core of a strong, healthy, and creative organization.

  • Increase Your Effectiveness

    Learn skills and techniques to increase your power and influence.

  • Commitments

    Commitments are carved in stone.

  • You Get What You Tolerate

    Your personal story becomes your life – if you don’t like what you’ve created change your story.  Dream big and focus upon your vision – you have the power.

  • What You Focus on Expands

    Whatever you give your attention to becomes your experience.  Focus on what you want to accomplish.

  • Positive Mental Attitude

    Develop a Positive Mental Attitude.  Focus on where you’re going.  Say you will.  No excuses.

Praise for Glenn:

  • . . .awesome, mind shifting
  • . . .great story, great attitude
  • . . .focus on what you want to expand

“. . . his presentation was excellent!”

Karen R

“Excellent man with a solid vision, plan, and mission.”

Michal M

“I would recommend they hear Glenn’s story”

Mary T


Heidi SLife Coach

With his (Glenn) guidance I was able in two months to shift a variety of factors in my life that were keeping me from reaching greater heights in my business.  . . . and focus instead on better serving my current clients, and expecting new clients, and it has worked very well for me.  . . . I would recommend Glenn to any man, woman or young adult who wants to grow.
-Dr. Patrick D.C.

Dr. PatrickHouse of Health Chiropractic

“I came away personally with a few things to reconsider in my own life and business. That is the mark of a truly great talk. My only concern is how high you set the bar . . .”

Bryan DYour Castle Real Estate

“Glenn’s unique viewpoint and Business Aikido concepts have helped me grow our business and also move forward on a personal level.  The information he provides is rock solid and very useful.  I highly recommend Glenn to speak or consult for your organization.”

Barb MOT Plus

“Glenn Bott’s presentation to our organization inspired us all to be better, more conscious and productive.”

John JAssociation of IT Professionals

“I’ve had very positive comments from our members on the professionalism, enthusiasm and knowldege of the subject matter.  It hit the correct chord for the dynamics of our group.”

Ron PArapahoe Sales Pros

“very inspirational”

Greg R