We all have the same number of hours in a day.  How we use these hours is an individual choice.  The greater your focus, the greater your ability to accomplish what you want in life.  Focus is best illustrated items we experience in our everyday lives.  A flashlight gives us a portable light source to help us see in the dark.  A water faucet controls the flow of water and gives us choices for the temperature of the water being dispensed.

These are examples of everyday items without much power.

Now take these same items and apply focus.  A flashlight becomes a laser – much more powerful because of the properties inherent in focusing a light beam.

Water JetA water jet uses the same fluid as our household faucet, but with the application of focus it becomes a very useful cutting tool. When you get stuck in your daily life, try applying more focus.

Build the discipline to sharpen your focus and start prioritizing the items on your to-do list. By shortening your list and applying focus, I’m confident you’ll  get much more accomplished.  And your stress levels will drop.I recently read this article on Warren Buffet and his views on focus.  Since Warren’s net worth is somewhere in the vicinity of $50,000,000,000, he’s obviously a good source for financial input.

Warren Buffet – FocusWarren Buffet

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