Get Out!

Get out to kick start your lateral thinking and let your mind wander.

I recently returned from a college reunion of sorts.  Three of us hooked up for a long weekend using golf as an excuse to get together.  Throughout the trip I had flashes of how great it was to be on this new adventure.  On the flight out I suddenly had the idea to share the benefits of getting out to kick-start your lateral thinking.  This thought came out of left-field and felt like it was suddenly injected into my brain because I wasn’t even remotely on this topic.  Get out!

We all have our patterns.  The routines we use throughout our days that started as a conscious decision but then gradually became a non-thinking routine.  Routines aren’t all bad – they help us conserve energy and optimize our daily events.  The negative aspect of routines is they rob us of being fully present in the moment.  We become so focused on our habits that we miss out on appreciating the beauty of the moment.

What I realized on the trip are the benefits of breaking our routines and how living life in this manner is extremely useful.  When you get out you are exposed to new locations, new people, and new ideas all of which allow us to form new neural connections.  We’re consciously and unconsciously connecting the dots in new ways.  This has a tremendous impact on our well-being and problem solving capabilities!

The beauty of Getting Out is that you can greatly benefit from the experience because your sub-conscious mind and the Universe are still connected and doing what they do best – helping you succeed easily and effortlessly.  Here’s a few ideas to help you Get Out, have some fun, and develop new solutions for some of your “problems”.

I suggest taking one or two items that you’re working on that need new solutions.  First, take a moment to define what the problem is and your ideal solution.  Then drop/release it to the Universe.  That’s all there is to it!   When the Universe has a great solution lined up for you something will happen to bring it to your attention.  You’ll suddenly get an idea, or something someone says will trigger a string of thoughts that lead you to a new solution.  It doesn’t matter what the process is, but take the time to write down this new idea.

The real secret to this isn’t to consciously dwell on the subject or problem.  Think about it at the onset, release it to the Universe, and then go about your day/adventure.  You’ll suddenly get an insight and you’ll know it’s right because it feels likes one of those “ah-ha” moments.  Again – give thanks and write it down.  When you’re in the flow you may get several of the “ah ha” moments back to back.  Write them all down and move forward with vim and vigor.

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