Increase Your Sphere of Influence

A universal truth amongst humanity is that we want to feel better.  Why more people aren’t using this basic principle to their benefit is a mystery to me?!  Begin to utilize this desire to your advantage.

If you want to increase your influence and be remembered, master the following strategy.  Not only will your influence increase, you’ll be spreading smiles everywhere you go!  Begin to ask those you meet these two simple questions:

What happened last week that made your eyes light up and your heart sing?

What daily ritual do you have that makes you happy?

The initial question helps the person focus on the good they’ve already experienced.  This gets them into a positive frame of mind and it’s now much easier for them to focus on their rituals that make them happy.

Maya Angelou is famous for her quote – “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

The operative word in her quote is feel.  If you want to be respected and remembered, develop the habit of asking these two questions regularly.  They’re great ice-breakers and help shift the focus from you to the person you’re meeting with.  You don’t have to ask these specific questions, but ask questions that have a very high probability of putting the person in a positive state of being.  It’s also equally important to be fully present and authentic while listening to their responses.

The key is taking an interest in another person and helping them feel better about themselves and their life.  Many people get caught up in the news and bad events happening around them. They give their power away and develop a “woe is me” attitude. Help them break this pattern and realize it’s just a habit they developed.  With a little discipline they can develop a more fulfilling habit of being more positive and realizing life is good!

In addition to growing your influence, you’ll also help them feel better and grow their sphere of influence in the process.

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