You Win When You Give


A great friend relayed this heart-warming story on how you win when you give:

A delivery man for their office was getting married in a couple of weeks.  He’s a nice guy with a great smile and always has a positive attitude.  Money is tight and for their honeymoon they were going to Las Vegas for a few days and then out to San Diego because his fiancé has never seen the ocean.

My friend started putting the word out to others in the office and started a collection to give them some money to enjoy on their honeymoon.  Many others in the office gladly participated as they all appreciated his kindness and demeanor.  Before long they had raised $300!

Next they got him a few congratulatory balloons, a nice card, and planned to surprise him on his next delivery.  While the office didn’t currently need any supplies, they called his company and planned a fake order with the dispatcher who agreed whole-heartedly to help set the “order” up.  The plan was to get him to their office at a specific time when everyone would be available to give him his surprise gift.

On the designated day he arrived and was shockingly surprised with the rowdy greetings, balloons, and card.  They wished him the best and said to enjoy the beach and their honeymoon.  At this point he confessed that they may not have enough money to get to the beach and would do it “next time”.

My friend told him to open the card because there was something inside that he might find useful.  The look on his face upon opening the card was priceless!  He was all excited and got a bit teary eyed for just a second.  He couldn’t believe the people he barely knew and just delivered supplies to would do something this nice for him,

Moral of the Story:

  1. Everyone Wants to be Acknowledged – we all want to feel a little better. I suggest developing the habit to look people in the eye and pay them a compliment for doing their job.  This is a great tool to add to your soft skills.  You’ll both feel better and they’ll appreciate you noticing their efforts.
  2. People Like to Help – We’re all in this together. As you move through the day be aware of how you can help makes someone’s day a little brighter.  Whether it’s paying a compliment, holding the door open, or letting someone cut into traffic – we all enjoy helping others out.  The benefits of helping are supported by recent scientific studies.
  3. We Live in an Abundant Universe – In a short amount of time the folks in the office raised $300 for help brighten this dude’s honeymoon.  It didn’t financially drain anyone and all were eager to help out.
  4. It’s All About Your Attitude – When you show up to do your job do so with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. We are all broadcasting 24/7 and constantly being noticed and judged.  It’s the little things we unconsciously do that people observe and make their judgments on.  Trainyourself to act authentically, have gratitude, and do everything with a sense of joy.

Do your part to raise the energy level of those you encounter.  Some don’t yet realize they can choose to be happy and have a positive mental attitude regardless of their current situation.

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