Productivity 101 – 3 Simple Secrets to Getting Stuff Done

Productive = achieving or producing results.

Productivity isn’t an absolute.  It’s a sliding scale that generally refers to how efficiently someone is able to produce desired results.  Productivity is about being focused vs. scattered.  Intention vs. “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”.

We all know people who are extremely productive and we know others who are at the other end of the scale.  These people are often referred to as having “no traction”.  This is an excellent analogy – the wheel is spinning and the engine revving, but there’s no forward motion.  Their day is wasted with talk and useless activities.  The productivity scale varies from person/person and activity/activity.  Some are very productive at work but much less so in their personal lives.

Productive people don’t have time for idle chatter – they’re on a personal mission that’s near and dear to their hearts and nothing is as important to them other than accomplishing their goals.

Here’s three simple techniques to improve your productivity:

  1. Establish your vision – this is your goal. A vision sets the direction for your activities.  This is the yardstick by which you judge your actions.  Without a clear vision you waste time and activities doing many different things, none of which help you move forward produce results.  Without a clear vision your energy and activities are scattered.  Establishing a vision is your first priority. 
  2. Know your purpose – What’s your why? You can have great intentions and techniques, but without a powerful and compelling why, progress is slow.  You lose steam and have difficulty getting started.  Purpose is the engine for being more productive.  Take time to understand and create a your why.  An overall and compelling why is great for your overall life mission.  Don’t overlook the equally important need to have one for your day/day activities.
  3. Make a commitment – your overall intention to accomplish your vision. Commitment is the fuel for your activities.  No matter the obstacles or set-back, your commitment remains unwavering and you will creatively find other ways to achieve your vision.  If you’re blocked going to the left you quickly adjust and take a step to the right and then move forward.  Nothing goes exactly as planned – your commitment to continue moving forward to achieve your goals will ultimately lead to success.

Being productive feels good.  You’re moving toward your heartfelt vision.  By crossing off items on your to-do list you know you’re that much closer to realizing a successful outcome.

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