Quitting Your Way to Success

Many people suddenly wake up one morning with a life-changing realization – what they’ve been “doing” – their job, life, relationship, are meaningless.  They have been living a lie and feel hollow and unfulfilled.


They suddenly realize they’ve been chasing the almighty dollar and doing what they were told to do but not being true to themselves.  This is a sure recipe for misery, dread, poor health, and a sense of emptiness.

Don’t fret – all is not lost!  This awakening is the first step of your spirit breaking through your inner dialogue and telling you to start taking care of yourself.  Start doing what you love.  Start taking your talents and applying them in a more satisfying way.  Start creating a great life and begin enjoying your journey.

When you commit to doing this and create a new vision – this is where the fun begins.  You have an opportunity to reinvent yourself.  As you move forward in the reinventing process, you’ll have to quit several thoughts/patterns that were part of the “old you”. Only by quitting these old thoughts and replacing them with new thought that support your new vision can the transformation succeed.

Quit Doing the Same Things – what you used to do was mostly built from habit.   You told the old story of you and your life millions of time.  This story may have been ineffectual, but you were comfortable with it and knew it well.  Now that you’ve decided to create something new STOP behaving in the same way as you used to.  Begin to consciously create new patterns that support your new life.

Begin by creating a new vision of what you want to do.  Write out a list of skills you have that you are uber-talented at.  The skills that are easy and effortless for you and you do them at a very high level of proficiency.  Listen to your heart and take the next logical step as these new thoughts/ideas enter your mind.

Quit your old habitual self-talk that keeps you stuck and repeating your old patterns of dread, lack, and unworthiness.

Quit Thinking of Yourself the Same Way – Our thoughts and actions create our reality.  If what you were doing wasn’t giving you a sense of fulfillment then begin thinking new thoughts that are positive and self-empowering.  These will feel phony and un-true but that’s just because they’re unfamiliar to you.  After a few days or repeating these new thoughts you’ll begin believing them more and your thoughts will begin expanding.  The new YOU is being born!  Keep it up.

You are not your do.  Quit falling for the labels other use and their associated status.   You are MUCH more than what you’re currently doing.  You’re MUCH more capable and creative than you’re giving yourself credit for.  As I learned early in my corporate career – what you focus on expands.  Keep telling your new story and watch how your life changes.  Acknowledge and give thanks for the events that keep happening as you quit your old ways and create the new YOU.

Quit Accepting Others Definition of You – As you move forward in creating the new YOU, you will find old relationships won’t feel the same to you.  The people you hung out with and called friends were there because you all had commonalities and supported each other in your beliefs and stories.  Now that you’ve created a new YOU, the old relationships just won’t feel the same to you.  And you won’t find them useful or nurturing.  In fact, you’ll find they’re holding you back from where you want to go.

Don’t blame them, they’re still the same people with the same life and same stories.  You’re the one who changed.  It’s all on you.  Now that you’ve expanded and define yourself differently you realize that if you stay with them it will impede your forward progress.  Another of my corporate trainings comes to play – you get what you tolerate.  You are in charge and people will continue being themselves until you care enough about yourself to say enough!  If those you hang with aren’t supporting you in your new growth just wish them the best and move on.

Quit Thinking Small – have the courage to daydream and play goofy games like you did as a child.  Go wild with your dreams.  Most people talk themselves out of big dreams because they are used to thinking small and thinking they have to do it all themselves.  I assure you – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg all had huge dreams and knew they needed others to help them accomplish their vision.

Quit Being Rigid – accept what comes your way and develop the habit of openly analyzing it and asking, “how can I use this to my advantage?”.  Just because  it doesn’t immediately seem to fit your vision doesn’t mean it’s not for your benefit.  Take a moment to openly explore the options and possibilities and trust your gut.  If it feels right then keep exploring it.  Develop a flexible mindset where you can turn anything to your advantage.  Once you have this mindset it becomes a matter of personal choice as to whether you choose to pursue something further or not.

Quit Being Scattered – Be fully present wherever you are.  Give whatever it is you’re doing your full attention.  When you’re not 100% present you’re wasting energy and the quality of your work drops.  Keep all of you focused in the NOW.  For optimum results and health, every action and thought need to be aligned.

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