Relationships 101 – 5 Essentials to Grow Your Small Business

Growing your business takes authenticity, customer service, and solving your customers’ problems with a smile. To build your business, turn your prospects into vibrant and supportive customers with these 5 simple steps. While these steps aren’t difficult, they are rare. Many companies get lazy or don’t see the immediate benefits of continually staying in front of their customers. They are the sad losers in today’s world of ease and numerous choices. Remember – if you don’t take care of your customers someone else will!
Give them a reason to return, and you will be greatly rewarded.
1. Build Your Network 24/7 – add value to all relationships and be consistent in letting them know the problem you solve. Communicate with them frequently and find new ways to add value to this relationship. Treat them as though your livelihood depends on them. (Hint – it does!)
2. Networking is a Contact Sport – Customers and relationships both have a short shelf-life without care and feeding. They are always asking themselves, “what have you done for me lately?” Set the tone by following up immediately and a quick “thank you” email once they’ve purchased your product of service. It’s far easier to keep a relationship warm than it is to try to bring a dead one back to life. Take the time to educate your network and build them into educated customers. Email marketing keeps your connections strong on a shoestring budget.
3. Reward Loyal Customers (and They’ll Reward You) – in a study by Bain and Co., a global management consulting firm, a 5% increase in customer retention can yield profit increases of 35% or greater! These repeat customers also spend in excess of 57% more than new customers. You have formed a strong relationship with them and solved their problems. They trust you. Let them know you care and do your best to keep them returning.
4. Loyal Customers are Your Hidden Salespeople – Give your customers reasons to rave about you and your company. Do the unexpected, go the extra mile (or inch), and listen to them. Your goal in every interaction with them should be to resolve their problem and do something extra and unexpected so they can’t wait to tell their friends. In the real estate world it’s all about location, location, location. For small businesses it’s all about relationships, relationships, relationships.

5. Give Them a Reason – to keep coming back and raving about you and your service. People have short attention spans and are always looking for something new to make them feel better. Now what you’ve established yourself as their go-to business, keep raising the bar to continually WOW them. Change things up a bit to pleasantly surprise them and give them a reason to keep coming back. Build the habit for them to check in with you on a regular basis.

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