Surfing the Waves of Opportunity

Feeling stagnant?  Lost your excitement?  Going through life on auto-pilot?  These are the sure signs that it’s time for a change.

Now is the time to begin exploring new possibilities.  Remember – you’re in charge of your life and it’s a great adventure.  No one else.  When you have your vision, keep moving forward and take the next step.  Life is very supportive and creative – your job is to say YES to whatever comes along.

Take a moment to check in and see if this is in alignment with your heart and spirit, and if you’ve got a good feeling then DO IT.  Begin to embrace your new mindset that this is all a grand adventure, and take the next step.  Life will support you by arranging new coincidences, emails, phone calls, invitations, etc. Do your part by acknowledging the support, giving thanks, and taking the next logical step.  Try new opportunities on for size – see what resonates with you.  You don’t have to choose a career that will last forever – those days are long gone.

In today’s world of incredible opportunity you can try many things on for size and see what fits you best.  If you’re energized, excited, engaged, these are great signs that you’re on your Path with Heart.  Keep interacting with others, and stay on the lookout for new opportunities.  This is the way life works – it supports you in what you’re doing.  The fun is establishing and holding to your vision and watching how  things line up for you.  Expect the best and maintain your focus on the vision you want to create.

Say you will!

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