The Hidden Benefits of a Great Elevator Pitch

Elevator PitchDo you have an elevator pitch? Is it any good? Do people want to engage you afterward to learn more? If you can’t answer YES to these three questions then read on.

With the increasing popularity of leads groups and Meetups, having an elevator pitch is essential to growing your business. While we all know this, most only spend a few minutes putting one together. Or worse yet, they wing it and their message changes from day to day and meeting to meeting. Without realizing it, they’re shooting themselves in the foot. People are always watching and judging and give a great deal of emphasis to authenticity and consistency.

Your job is to give them some great material to remember you by.

Besides a business overview, an elevator pitch is also essential for your personal development. Crafting a great pitch helps you define who you are and what you’re about. It gives you a story to tell yourself throughout the day to help maintain focus on your vision.

The elevator pitch began as a way to give a stranger an overview in a concise manner. Typically something in the 30 second range – about the time it would take to ride an elevator a few floors before leaving.

By having a great elevator pitch you not only convey what you do in broad terms, but you do so in a memorable way that entices the other person to learn more. You have a great elevator pitch when people adjust their ride to spend more time learning about you and your business.Exchanging Ideas

While the business benefits are to communicate to others the necessary who, what, how, and sometimes the why of what you do. The personal benefits include better focus and increased personal power.

Focus – when crafting a great elevator pitch it helps you precisely define the essence of what you do. As you craft your pitch you will zero in on your true business. This may take time and numerous iterations. Write it, let it sit overnight, and then revisit it the next day. Continue until you’re satisfied. Make this a living document and revise it as needed.

Engaging – after your essence is defined, deliver it in a way that is engaging and memorable. Make your pitch personal, powerful and unique. Let it roll off your tongue smoothly and with confidence. If your elevator pitch sounds like everyone else’s, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board and start over. You want it to reflect you, what you do, and be memorable.What's Your Story

Yardstick – a properly crafted elevator pitch also helps you become aware of potential diversions you may encounter throughout the day. If someone is trying to divert your attention, mentally recite your elevator pitch to remind you of what you’re about. Ask yourself if the issue at hand fits with your vision and elevator pitch. If what you’re being asked to do doesn’t support your pitch, the answer is NO.

Simple – You want your message to be simple yet memorable. Keep it focused so those that hear it will remember you, what you’re about, and can convey this information to those they encounter. Leave a lasting and positive impression.

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