The Magic of Being Authentic

If you want to increase your personal power and influence, and feel better, start being authentic.  Be 100% you 100% of the time.

Authentic people radiate good juju.  They’re being themselves in every moment and this vibe is contagious.  People like being around them because they feel better – more relaxed and safe.  They know authentic people don’t have hidden agendas and are always straightforward and honest.

Being authentic is available to all, but few choose it or have the courage to behave and live this way.  Authentic people love and accept themselves for who they are – they’re comfortable in their own skin.  They know they aren’t perfect (who is?), and they don’t really care.  While they accept themselves in the moment, they continually strive to be a better version (Me 2.0) as they move forward.  New experiences give them new vantage points from which to grow and expand who they are.

When you walk your talk, speak your truth, and have to courage to boldly be yourself – the world notices and respects you.  The only magic in this is that so many don’t behave this way – by default you are noticed and are remembered.

We all know those who say anything to get your attention or close a sale.  After a few times of being burned we have our shields up and begin to doubt our fellow man.  Flim-flam artists are everywhere.  They may do very well initially, but they don’t have repeat business or true friends because they’re constantly scamming and lying to others.

Successful solopreneurs I work with have cultivated this empowering trait of being authentic.  Their personal and professional integrity oozes from their pores – they walk their talk. They move forward with confidence knowing they have the necessary skills and beliefs to see them through any potential hardships.  They will find a way.

Inauthentic people say whatever is convenient in the moment yet never follow through on their spoken words.  By doing this they continually shoot themselves in the foot and undermine their personal power and professional stature.  They blame others for their predicament and often play the role of a victim.  They don’t realize we’re all being watched and judged every moment of every day.  Anything that diminishes your integrity also diminishes your power and influence.


Whenever you lie or miss a commitment you create tension in yourself.  This is because every time you speak you’re also listening.  You’re training yourself and others that you can’t be trusted.  This incongruence creates tension within your body.  Your heart hears you commit to something, yet your mind has no intention of doing it.  This discord creates an ongoing tension that slowly increases over time unless consciously put to rest.  This tension ultimately results in physical ailments.

Western medicine is beginning to prove that our thoughts and words have power.  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous water molecule experiments on the power of words and intentions is one of the easiest to demonstrate and verify.  Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “You are the Placebo” further proves the power of our minds and thoughts.  We all know very intelligent and capable people who live a life of turmoil because of their diminishing thoughts they repeat to themselves many thousands of times per day.

Use the power of authenticity to your advantage.  Begin to monitor your thoughts and tell a new story.  The single best way to move forward powerfully is to begin being impeccable.  Walk your talk and meet your commitments.  Do this with a song in your heart and watch your health and world change for the better.


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