Unleashing the Power of Intention


If you want to increase your  influence and effectiveness, begin using the power of intention.  When you begin with a clear intention and couple this with action positive results will be the outcome.  Intention is letting the Universe know what you want.  When you do this you will receive constant guidance and your next step will be obvious.

How much time do you spend visualizing/intending what you want?  A few minutes each day?  Each week?  Once a month?

Kids daydream many times/day.  They  have a blast daydreaming what they want to create.  Adults rarely do this.  Kids can quickly tell you what they want.  Adults typically tell you what they don’t want.  It’s all a matter of focus.  Somewhere along the way  to adulthood we lose our ability to focus on the outcome and instead pay attention to the problem.

To regain your power of intention start with this simple formula:

  1. Give the intention – be as specific as you can while still feeling positive. Repeat often.
  2. Take action daily – take the next logical steps and follow your gut instincts.
  3. Review the actions/visualizations you did on a daily basis.
  4. Acknowledge what you do each day and expect to receive assistance. Give yourself a pat on the back for your forward progress.

Spend 15-20 minutes/day visualizing and feeling what life will be like when your intention has been realized.  Do this with a lot of detail and positive
emotion.  Go back to your childhood and remember what it was like to hang out and daydream.  Develop the habit of doing this and relish in your progress of realizing your intention.  Don’t get all hung up on instantly achieving your intention, but know that your success is inevitable.

Daydreaming (or what we adults now call visualizing) is best accomplished when relaxed and in a positive frame of mind.  This is supposed to be fun.  You don’t send kids to their room to visualize as a form of punishment.  It’s a great way to release stress while still accomplishing your intention.

Start taking better care of yourself.  Give yourself permission to have fun, daydream, and enjoy the process.  Life will go on regardless of whether you’re having fun and enjoying it or busting ass and dreading every minute of it.  Take time each day to log-off and disconnect – take time to recharge and do what you want.  Relax.

You accomplish much more by being in a good place and trusting the Universe is on your side.  Keep doing this and watch the magic unfold.

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