Who You are is Enough

A lot of people are stressed because they aren’t getting what they want in life.  They want more but for some odd reason don’t feel they are worthy and deserving.  They are looking for external situations to change rather than working on their thoughts and feelings – which is all that matters anyway.

There are numerous scientific studies that prove that everything is energy.  Many recent studies have been conducted that prove our thoughts impact the world around us.

To get what you want is really a simple equation:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Think about this frequently
  3. Know your worthiness and expect success

As the Ancient Hawaiians were fond of saying = “ain’t no big ting, brah.”  Easy peasy.

What gets in the way are your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  If you don’t think you’re worthy and deserving, then why should anyone else?  Many self-sabotage themselves from the get-go and expend a lot of energy chasing their proverbial shadow.

They have a self-defeating internal dialogue that undermines their conscious efforts.  As they expend energy and knock on doors they are repeatedly shut down.  All because they don’t believe in themselves.

Who you are is enough to open doors.  If you don’t think much of yourself, the doors that open will be marginal.  The more you begin to value and respect yourself the greater the doors that will open. And all of this happens easily and effortlessly on your part because the Universe is taking care of the details.  If a door doesn’t open it’s not a good fit for you so don’t lose time thinking or worrying about it.  As one of my great mentors said – “this or something better”.

In my current understanding of living a great and joyous life it all comes down to the story you tell yourself.  If you tell a great story, you’ll live a grand life with tons of good things happening.  If you tell a marginal or pathetic story, you will be granted a marginal and pathetic life.  The Universe non-judgmentally says YES to whatever you want.

It’s all up to you.

How grand a life do you want?  How joyous a life are you willing to accept?

While it sounds goofy, many aren’t willing to accept a grand and glorious life.  They tell the story of suffering, not being good enough, and how life isn’t fair to them.

Once you realize and accept that you’re in charge and have incredible power, you’ll stop blaming others and begin embracing your awesomeness and creating the life of your dreams.

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