You are the Message and the Messenger

First impressions matter a lot – so make sure they’re awesome. People are always watching and judging – use this trait to your advantage.

Before going crazy on a big marketing campaign, take a moment and make sure everyone in your company is properly trained to handle customers and new inquiries. It’s very important that activities at HQ and with your sales personnel are in line with your marketing message. The quickest way to shoot yourself in the foot and lose customers is to tout your great customer service and then have their first contact leave them with a bad experience.

Train front-line personnel in listening, being fully present and quickly handling customer questions or issues. Repeat this training periodically to reinforce the importance of their contribution to the company and retaining customers. Reward great behavior and always be on the lookout for those doing a great job and make an example of them. Make sure these front-line people understand the importance of their role.

Greet everyone with a smile, answer the phone quickly and handle their issues professionally. While those on the other end of the phone line may not see the smile, they will certainly hear and feel it. Make this an outstanding experience for them. Conduct follow up training to reinforce the message and brainstorm new techniques to keep it fresh.

Businessman Holding Small Brown We Love Customer Signage.

Think of your own experiences and draw from these moments where others were helping you. Ask powerful questions:

• How can I use this experience to help me in my business?
• What new ideas occurred to me to improve my customer service?
• What’s the best way to have my customers rave about my product/service?

Answers to these questions will help you get noticed and be remembered.

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